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Raymond Philyaw Academy
Raymond Philyaw Academy

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Raymond Philyaw Academy

The RPA Approach


The Complete Quarterback


Addressing the athlete's physical, mental and social  development are at the core of RPA's programs.

Quarterbacks are leaders so they need to know how to carry themselves on and off the field. Talent and Intelligence are achieved by practicing, practicing and practicing even more. minutes, wherever you can find them.

World-class expertise is built in about 10 yrs/10,000 hours of deliberate practice.

Practice makes Permanent not Practice makes Perfect.

RPA Training



First time attending RPA?

Step 1. Register for an RPA Evaluation Session if you are a NEW RPA Quarterback. 

ALL returning from off season sports RPA Quarterbacks (even if you may be a seasoned athlete) are required to register for a  RPA Private Training.  This is a very important first step as you move through RPA's coaching program. 


Step 2. Once you have had your first Private Training, RPA leadership determines the next step.

Remember, even if you aren't being assessed, you are being assessed!  We all are. Every training sesh is an opportunity to improve.  Somedays improvement may not be isolated to athletic performance.  Showing up when you don't feel like it, is part of professionally and personally maturing. 

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